Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wonderful Opening!

Bag blob by Christina Martinelli, web and spider by Freda Mohr.

Nugget bed by Sarah Matson, flying pterodactyl by Annie Gray, dome globes by Liz Zacharia, horsehair floating fiber by Phuong Pham, radiating thread installation by Jen Kirby.

Plastic jellyfisheque headress by Jill Greenberg, floating red globe lights by Rachel Schmidt, skull ladder by Edward Knapp, fibrous apendage by Gina Denton.

Freda in Melissa Webb's ladder and pully world.

Rebecca by Jeanne-Marie Burdette & Ellen Nielsen's point forest, Liz Ensz & Matt Gemmel's skate parachutes, and Rebecca Habtour's silk nautilus.

Thank you Pacofish for snapping such lovely shots!
Also, check out more photos and the nice review on TenTigers. Thanks Alex!

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