Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Pictures of the Work

Fistula by Gina Denton

Fistula detail

Interactive wings (they expand when you pull the cord!) by Kaitlin Murphy

Floating lights by Rachel Schmidt

Fountainhead by Jill Greenberg

Optical thread effect by Jen Kirby

Fibrous mass by Phuong Pham.

Nuggets (detail) by Sarah Matson

Rollerskate parachutes by Liz Ensz and Matt Gemmel

Point trees by Jeanne-Marie Burdette and Ellen Nielsen, blue silk nautilus by Rebecca Habtour

Point forest flanks Within by Alzaruba

Within by Alzaruba

Within Within

Within main entrance

Within side entrance

Liz Zazharia and John ham it up inside Liz's lovely dome headpiece experience globes

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